Saturday, March 31, 2012

LIBE 477 Final Reflection

As I prepare to email my final reflection to Joanne deGroot for this course I almost feel a sense of sadness - not that I am done - I actually could leap up and down about that, LOL - but that I won't have the structure of this course to keep me exploring the Web 2.0 world.  I have loved everything about this course, especially the inquiry format.  It is something I try to include in my own teaching and classroom situations and I am inspired to take it to a new level - uh, oh... could this be 21st Century Learning?  Who knew?!

Thanks to my instructor Joanne deGroot.  This was the second course I have taken with you as the instructor and I love your style!  Encouraging, knowledgeable, and real - so nice that you are a busy mom and share with us your tips for managing your Web 2.0 world.  I also learned so much from others in the class.  Although I had some family things and that darn job action that interfered with my discussion postings, please know that I read everything, looked at everyone's blog, and learned so much from you.  Thanks especially to those of you who commented on my posts or offered tips and information to enhance my learning - that is what made this class and inquiry so successful for me.

Two things to share in closing.  The first is a video from Corning about future technology - please can I have this for my kitchen, LOL. The second is a 21st Century Learning video from New Brunswick - also inspiring.

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